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GENESTRA HMF Multi Strain 15 Billion (shelf-stable - 50 caps)

GENESTRA HMF Multi Strain 15 Billion (shelf-stable - 50 caps)

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  • Provides 15 billion CFU per dose
  • 16 probiotic strains providing comprehensive support for intestinal health
  • Long-term maintenance probiotic for the temporary modification of gut flora
  • No refrigeration necessary
  • Potency guaranteed through expiration
  • Description

    Genestra - HMF Multi Strain 15 Billion - shelf-stable - 50 Capsule(s) - NPN: 80045939 -- HMF® Multi Strain is a comprehensive combination of 16 probiotic strains to support a healthy normal digestive flora. Each shelf-stable capsule provides a variety of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) strains to support a favourable gut microflora in both the small and large intestines.1 HN019, a probiotic strain included in this formula, was shown in a placebo-controlled trial to promote a healthy gut flora.2 It significantly increased Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli counts, while reducing the population of Enterobacteria (a genus that includes many pathogenic bacteria).2 Similarly, Genestras HMF probiotic consortium, Lactobacillus acidophilus (CUL-60 and CUL-21), Bifidobacterium bifidum (CUL-20) and Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis (CUL-34), contained in HMF® Multi Strain has been demonstrated in clinical trials to support intestinal comfort and promote a healthy microflora balance in the gastrointestinal tract.3-5 This convenient shelf-stable format has potency guaranteed through expiration and may improve patient compliance.

    Medicinal Ingredients
    • Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis200 million cfu
    • Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis2 billion cfu
    • Bifidobacterium bifidum125 million cfu
    • Lactobacillus acidophilus5 billion cfu
    • Lactobacillus salivarius300 million cfu
    Non-Medicinal Ingredients
    • Cellulose
    • Hypromellose
    • Silicon dioxide
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