Healthy Aging with Regenerlife

Healthy Aging with Regenerlife

Aging is a natural and inevitable process. Whether we like it or not, we all grow older, but we are not all affected in the same way. Some fortunate individuals seem immune to the effects of age. They radiate youthful vitality. Whereas other individuals are besieged by time. They may appear much older than their years or be more prone to age-related diseases.

To a certain degree, some age-related changes are inevitable. As the years advance, your hair will grey, your skin will wrinkle, and your eyes may dim. Your body may take longer to recover from usual tasks, and the odd memory slip may become more common.   These are all natural by-products of aging.

What is not as natural are the diseases that are commonly associated with aging. Your risk of disease increases with age, but perhaps not because the disease is a by-product of age; rather, disease is the cumulative effect of years of abuse or neglect to our bodies.

The landmark MacArthur Foundation Study of Successful Aging found that while genes can play an essential role in health during the early decades of life, from adulthood on, your behaviour and lifestyle account for a full 70 percent of how well you age! In other words, the ability to increase your health and longevity is in your hands.

How Can you Become a Highly Effective Ager?

Besides engaging in moderate physical exercise and brain stimulation such as reading and mental puzzles. Getting better sleep and managing stress levels in early adulthood can make a difference in your aging process. Eating healthy paves the road for good long-term health but more than all the traditional ideas of how to age better. Controlling damage to your cells early on and throughout aging is perhaps the only way toward Healthy aging.

How do your cells control how you age?  Your Mitochondria, the New scientific theories to aging !

In the last few years, the "Mitochondrial theory" has been identified as one of the most significant players in the aging process. Mitochondria are specialized structures within the cell that are responsible for generating energy (ATP). At an extremely high level, our mitochondria take elements from the food we eat (carbohydrates, protein, and fat) combined with oxygen from the air we breathe to make ATP through cellular respiration.

Without the ATP energy produced by your cells (mitochondria), you cannot survive. Depending on the type of cell determines how many of the tiny power boxes (mitochondria) are present. For example, the muscles take a lot of energy to move, so they have much more mitochondria than other cells.  

Your Mitochondria are also known as the "powerhouse" of your cell.

Did you know

  • Mitochondria are essential to energy, focus, vitality, and metabolism
  • Mitochondria produce 90% of the energy you need to survive.
  • The adult body has about 100,000 trillion mitochondria producing ATP energy
  • Mitochondria also help store calcium required for more than just bones.
  • Mitochondria also help to generate heat (thermogenesis)
  • Mitochondria teach the cell to perform specific functions
  • Mitochondria are found in every cell in the body except blood cells
  • The human body makes about 2 billion mitochondria every second of our lives
  • Mitochondria also play a role in cell death, helping to clear away cells that become old or broken

While cellular respiration (creating energy)   is required for life, it also generates free radicals that damage mitochondria, the cells and DNA. By nature, the body constantly works towards repairing any damaged cells, but countless forces within and outside the body, such as overexposure to sunlight, pollution, radiation, herbicides, chemicals and some of the foods we eat, can produce more free radicals than the body can heal on its own. Recent science has also made the connection between poor mitochondria function and the activation of the proteins that cause internal inflammation. Damaged mitochondria have also been linked to poor stem cell function and mutations of the DNA

When the Mitochondria are not functioning optimally, disease and body wear and tear start to show, and a myriad of symptoms cause health and quality of life to decline. To date, there are over 300 illnesses associated with the disfunction of our Mitochondria

  • Loss of muscle coordination
  • Muscle weakness
  • Muscle atrophy
  • Inflammation
  • Liver disease
  • Heart disease
  • Eye disease
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Diabetes
  • Neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson
  • Cancer
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Aging

Is Healthy Aging Still Possible?   

Research suggests that the critical process of the mitochondria's ability to repair and replace damaged ones declines as we age. Implying that our ability to create healthy mitochondria to support our energy demands as we age is paramount in reducing age-related illnesses and living a more productive and healthy life as we age. Now that you have a better understanding of how critical mitochondria are to creating energy and the aging process, you may wonder how to keep them healthy and thriving.

Eat a Clean Diet

Too often, we eat processed foods and empty calories, void of the crucial nutrients that support energy metabolism. The energy required for mitochondria directly affects the energy your cells will produce. A diet rich in antioxidants will help offset the free radical damage associated with generating ATP energy

Food, as thy medicine, is fundamental to supporting your cells. Mitochondria require a diet rich in antioxidants – think colourful vegetables, some fruit, herbs and spices and other healthy foods that supply essential nutrients. Ensure you eat plenty of protein food such as meat, fish, nuts, seeds, beans/lentils and eggs to support amino acids like Glutathione that protect the mitochondria. You can boost your protein in the morning by adding a green protein-rich smoothie. Healthy Fats like omega-3 from fish, avocados, flaxseed and olive oil can help protect the mitochondria by providing  anti-inflammatory support

Don't Overlook Exercise

Strength training and high-intensity interval training can increase the number and function of mitochondria by increasing your muscle mass. Exercise can increase the number of healthy mitochondria in your body.

Regenerate the cell with targeted Supplementation.

As people are beginning to understand the role of mitochondria in promoting health and longevity, they are turning towards advanced nutrition targeted at cellular health. Taking supplements that support the performance of your mitochondria is a good strategy to help protect your cells, reduce damage and deterioration, and support your ongoing well-being and longevity.

Natural Factors RegenerLife Mitochondrial Optimization formula

Natural Factors RegenerLife Mitochondrial Optimization formula contains a potent combination of targeted nutritional compounds that optimize mitochondrial function and antioxidant defence. RegenerLife has clinically relevant levels of CoQ10 and acetyl-L-carnitine, plus ElevATP™, a proprietary source of ancient peat and apple extracts, to help increase energy production at a cellular level. Extramel® is a concentrated source of the antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase that sustains the body's endogenous antioxidant defence system, and Opitac™ L-glutathione promotes redox balance in cells.

RegenerLife Mitochondrial Optimization helps reduce the symptoms of perceived stress, such as pain, fatigue, sleeplessness, irritability, and reduced quality of life. The natural watermelon-flavoured drink mix has a delicious taste, is gently sweetened with stevia, and is suitable for vegetarians. It is an excellent choice for adults with age- or health-related declines in mitochondrial function, people who are concerned about their exposure to toxins, and those who want a stimulant-free supplement to help improve strength and power in repetitive bouts of brief, highly intense physical activity

Who should take this supplement?

  • Anyone looking for Combination Supplement for Internal Cell Healing
  • Anyone looking for a top-rated Healthy Aging supplement
  • People with chronic health conditions that affect mitochondrial function
  • Anyone who would like to prevent age-related declines in energy and mental alertness
  • Men and women with a personal or family history of cardiovascular disease or cognitive decline
  • Individuals with high exposure to environmental pollutants and toxins
  • Adults who are engaged in intense physical activities

Give your life a surge with RegenerLife NMN Surge

The huge buzz about NMN is its ability to boost NAD+, short for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. NAD+ is a cutting-edge form of B3 that plays a central role in converting the food we eat into useable energy. As we age, our NAD+ levels drop significantly, resulting in fatigue and a quick decline in metabolism. There are new theories that the decrease of NAD+ is one of the leading causes of type 2 diabetes, age-related cognitive decline, hearing loss and muscle loss.   

As a direct precursor to NAD+, supplementing with NMN has demonstrated a boost in NAD+ levels can reverse mitochondrial dysfunction, improve insulin sensitivity and protect against age-related diseases.

RegenerLife NMNSurge contains the form of vitamin B3  that is rapidly converted to replenish NAD+ whole body levels and has a greater range of activities in the body. The overwhelming benefit of NMNSurge for full body rejuvenation and longevity are paramount for healthy aging.

Who should take this supplement?

  • Adults who want to actively promote longevity and healthy aging
  • Anyone over the age of 30
  • Adults who feel fatigued or have a slowing metabolism
  • People who are mentally stressed or engaged in heavy physical activity
  • Anyone with age-related muscle loss, cognitive decline, or eyesight or hearing loss

RegenerLife Longevity Wellness Optimization

With so much goodness in mitochondrial supplements, daily compliance to ensure the best benefits is not always easy. RegenerLife Longevity Wellness Optimization is an all-in-one product that organizes wellness into all-in-one packets. Each packet contains three different Aging Smart™ RegenerLife Supplements, Mitochondrial Energy, NMNsurge, and Omega-3+D Ultra Strength – plus Quercetin LipoMicel Matrix for capillary health.

The nutrients in the Longevity all-in-one packets were expertly chosen to optimize mito­chondrial health and increase energy production at the cellular level. Each daily supple­ment packet provides comprehensive anti-aging support for the brain, heart, and blood vessels by combining clinically relevant nutrients to repair and build healthy cell mem­branes in the nerves and brain, alongside antioxidants to defend against oxidative stress in and outside of cells. This innovative supplement packet provides a convenient way to get the best of all RegenerLife formulas, taking the guesswork out of supporting longevity.

Who should take this supplement?

  • People who want to actively promote longevity and healthy aging
  • People who prefer a more systematic approach to taking their supplements.
  • People who struggle with remembering to take their supplements every day to ensure optimum results
  • Older adults experiencing cognitive decline, muscle loss, changes in eyesight, or hearing loss
  • Adults with a personal or family history of cardiovascular disease
  • Aging adults who feel fatigued or have a slowing metabolism
  • Individuals concerned about antioxidant defence or anti-inflammatory support

Doctor Recommendations to rejuvenate your energy!

Most doctors will agree that key nutrients make a real difference in supporting mitochondria to produce energy and can rejuvenate and energize our lives. The Regnerlife Mitochondria Energy Supplement is the first step in improving cellular health. Adding other vital supplements can enhance your healing process and increase your path toward healthy aging.   In many cases, the doctor-recommended supplements are daily supplements that you are already taking. The Regnerlife versions are amped up with unique ingredients and added healthy aging benefits not traditionally found in everyday Vitamin D, Omega or antioxidants

Natural Factors RegenerLife Liposomal Bioenergetic Vitamin C

Vitamin C is not stored by the body and must be consumed daily to maintain the levels recommended for overall health. At times of stress, illness, certain medications, and exposure to pollutants, the body needs more vitamin C to keep oxidative damage in check and to support healthy immune function. Natural Factors RegenerLife Liposomal Bioenergetic Vitamin C offers stomach-friendly vitamin C. This preferred form of vitamin C (pH-neutral calcium ascorbate) is enhanced with citrus bioflavonoids and a fruit blend and is encased within liposomes for superior absorption.

Natural Factors RegenerLife Liposomal Bioenergetic Vitamin C  also provides premium antioxidant protection against reactive oxygen species (ROS) linked to premature aging.

Who should take this supplement?

  • Adults who want to actively promote longevity and healthy aging
  • Older adults looking for highly absorbable, stomach-friendly vitamin C to support healthy aging
  • Anyone who wants to strengthen their immune system
  • People who experience recurring colds and upper respiratory tract infections
  • Adults with high levels of stress
  • Individuals with sensitive stomachs
  • In replace of your traditional Vitamin C supplement

RegenerLife Sleep Better

Sleep Better is part of the RegenerLife anti-aging line of supplements formulated for whole-body rejuvenation and longevity. Declining melatonin production in older age can alter the body's sleep-wake cycle, affecting daytime energy, mood, and overall health. Supplemental melatonin provides a natural way for people experiencing disrupted sleep patterns to reset a normal sleep-wake cycle and promote a longer, better quality of sleep. It works complementarily with 5-HTP, a free-form amino acid that improves rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, which has shown positive effects in helping people overcome insomnia. The amino acid L-theanine works alongside a blend of sleep-supportive herbs – valerian, passionflower, and hops – to temporarily promote relaxation and calm feelings of nervousness that may be impacting sleep.

Who Should Take this supplement?

  • Aging adults experiencing a decline in melatonin production
  • Adults who have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep or who wake up too early
  • Individuals who want to optimize their sleep for healthy aging
  • People who have trouble recovering from altered sleep schedules, such as jet lag
  • Anyone with occasional insomnia or who wakes up at night
  • Adults who want to actively promote longevity and healthy aging

Natural Factors RegenerLife Resveratrol

Because cumulative cell damage from free radicals can speed up the age-related decline, preventing free radical damage is important for maintaining optimal health throughout a person’s lifespan. Studies show that resveratrol enhances the body’s ability to resist oxidative stress, which may help protect against age-related health conditions such as cardiovascular health, cognitive health, healthy aging, and mitochondrial health.

Natural Factors RegenerLife Resveratrol is extracted from the skin of red grapes (Vitis vinifera) grown in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia and from Japanese knotweed (Polygonum cuspidatum). The knotweed is highly purified to remove 99% of the emodin, a natural substance that can act as a laxative in some sensitive people. Knotweed is commonly used in traditional medicines to support the liver and heart.

Who should take this supplement?

  • Adults interested in guarding against premature aging tied to oxidative damage
  • Individuals concerned about cognitive decline
  • People looking to protect cardiovascular health
  • Adults in mid- to later life looking for a natural way to support skin health
  • Individuals looking for the health benefits of red wine without the alcohol

RegenerLife Omega-3 Ultra Strength or  RegenerLife Omega-3+D Ultra Strength

EPA, DHA and DPA are three omega-3 fatty acids necessary for brain health, healthy muscles, including the heart, and joint and immune function. Omega-3 helps support blood lipid management and promote mood balance and brain health.

Despite all the known health benefits of long-chain omega-3, most adults don’t get enough in their diet. Natural Factors RegenerLife Omega-3 Ultra Strength and RegenerLife Omega-3+D Ultra Strength offer a high-potency molecularly distilled, ultra-purified form of Omega-3. Natural Factors RegenerLife Omega-3 Ultra Strength has been screened by ISURA® for purity and safety and encapsulated in Canada. It is an ideal fish oil for anyone looking to support healthy aging. Natural Factors RegenerLife Omega-3+D Ultra Strength provides the same high potency strength of Omega 3 alongside 1000 mg of Vitamin D

Who should take this supplement?

  • Individuals who want to actively promote longevity and healthy aging but do not consume wild-caught fish three times a week
  • Adults looking for a higher-potency omega-3 supplement
  • Individuals looking to support heart and brain health
  • Adults with pain from rheumatoid arthritis
  • Adults looking to lower elevated blood lipids
  • Individuals needing support for their emotional well-being

Consider RegenerLife Omega-3+D Ultra Strength

  • Individuals that are immune compromised
  • Individuals that are not getting enough daily natural sunlight to produce efficient amounts of vitamin D
  • Individuals that have bone loss or osteoporosis

RegenerLife BrainRevive

The brain works harmoniously with the gut and heart to control cognitive functions, such as memory, emotion, and behaviour. Nourishing all three of these organs is critical to optimizing brain function and preventing cognitive decline in older age.

RegenerLife BrainRevive is a five-in-one supplement kit designed to take the guesswork out of choosing supplements for supporting your brain health. Grapeseed extract and bioavailable curcumin are potent antioxidants that protect the brain and blood vessels against oxidative stress and damaging inflammation. The addition of a highly absorbable form of phosphatidylserine plays an integral role in brain and nerve cell membranes that improve concentration, learning, vocabulary, and memory. Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA contribute to cardiovascular health and brain function. Probiotics are included to promote favourable gut microbiota by replenishing strains critical to gastrointestinal health.

Who should take this supplement?

  • Men and women who want to actively promote longevity and healthy aging
  • Older adults experiencing cognitive decline
  • Any adult who wants to improve memory, concentration, and learning
  • People who feel mentally stressed or struggle emotionally
  • Adults concerned about gut and cardiovascular health
  • Individuals with a family history of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia

“One can remain alive long past the usual date of disintegration if one is willing to take the steps necessary for internal and external health and wellness  Live Right Health, 2023


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